Insight is a heavily used – and often misused – word. For us, it means new understanding that helps you move forward. It’s the ‘move’ bit that’s critical: rooted in what your business needs, real insight helps you develop, decide and act. That’s what drives us at East River: getting under the skin of what you really need, finding an approach that fits, uncovering learning that helps you move forward, and working with you to get maximum value from it.
There’s little we like more than making sense of the findings – the data, the transcripts, the diaries, whatever it may be – and getting to a solution that can make a difference. 

Director-level input throughout

We guarantee you will never brief a director only to find that juniors do all the work. With East River, what you see is what you get: director level experience from start to finish (even if fieldwork is at the weekend, late at night, or involves a few hours standing up in the supermarket freezer section)

Recommendations, not findings

Results only become insight when you can act on them, so ‘what does this mean for you?’ is always at the front of our minds. We will always give you an opinion based on our findings and experience – we’ll tell you where it could take you, not just what it says

No set pieces

We design every project from scratch, based on the needs of the brief. We will never compromise your objectives to fit an off-the-shelf approach

100% honesty

We always tell it as it is, even when that’s difficult. And if we believe you don’t need new research, we’ll tell you that too

Long term is best

We love to stay in touch. When we work on brands over a sustained period of time, what we can add grows with our experience and understanding, but we’re also never too busy to talk through options. If we can pick up the phone or meet with you to help with an opinion, outside of project work, we’re always happy to do so

Always curious

Even when we’ve worked on a brand or sector for years, there is always something new to find. Things change, and people change: when people talk about healthy eating, for example, they mean many different things, most of which are different from what they would have meant 5 years ago. We always check our understanding, and never fall back on assumptions

Stay flexible

If you need a super-fast result, or an extra debrief, or have banned Powerpoint presentations, we’ll work with you. As a smaller agency, we don’t have fixed processes to follow or layers of hierarchy to consult, so we’ll quickly tell you what’s possible